"CRTechnical Staffing finds only the highest caliber individuals, and matches them with world class companies.”   CRTechnical.com
  CROW RIVER TECHNICAL STAFFING: Thank you for considering Crow River Technical to help you with your staffing needs. Crow River Technical was founded in 1994 by our general manager, Tom Wolden. Our company has been moving at a very fast pace these past 14 years. CRTechnical has many benefits to offer your company when it comes to staffing. At your disposal is our staffs many years of experience, which reach into every area of the staffing industry. This diversity translates into our ability to address every need and concern you may have. We are a technical staffing firm, which means that we specialize in the technical areas of employment. Our company experts fill positions that require engineers, designers, drafters, IT professionals, technicians and many more. These are just a few of the things that we do. By using CRTechnical to fill your staffing needs, we take care of the employee related duties. Now you may be asking yourself why you should use CRTechnical for your staffing needs. This is a very good question. For one, we are very flexible in meeting the needs of our customers. Secondly, there are no costs for advertising or recruiting. We all know that in today's market it can be very expensive to find and hire a new employee. Thirdly, there are no employee, payroll taxes, or FICA. Finally, there is no unemployment insurance or workers compensation. These are just a few of the reasons why using us will be beneficial to your company. We also thoroughly interview and test the candidates that you are interested in. We will also perform a background check on the candidate, if necessary. We will take care of any needs that arise in the staffing of your company.


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